She… In Relation To

When the alarm rings early for a hike and I’m struggling to get out of bed, I always find myself asking: What is it about the outdoors that makes me keep coming back? All I can think about is how I’d like to stay comfortable and watch Netflix all weekend, about how hot and stinky … Continue reading She… In Relation To

Camping with Canines – Dog Essentials

Camping with dogs brings along some challenges but is also extra rewarding. Here are some canine specific things that we bring, along with some pointers of what we’ve done to help Milo adapt to our adventures. Dog Pack We’re using a daypack from One Tigris. We love it so far because it fits his deep … Continue reading Camping with Canines – Dog Essentials

Camping with Canines – Human Essentials

Okay well, I mean camping with one canine, Milo, but these kinds of outdoor adventures are what we adopted him for in the first place. Below I’ll outline the 10 Essential Systems that we bring along for the humans on camping trips and also the essentials that we bring along for Milo in the next … Continue reading Camping with Canines – Human Essentials

BARK Principles

Part II The National Park Service created the BARK Ranger Program as a way to help enable people and their canines to enjoy the outdoors together. Started in 2015, two of the flagship sites are Olympic National Park in Washington and Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona. Check your local NPS locations for information and potentially … Continue reading BARK Principles

Leave No Trace

Beyond “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” Part I Most of us are subconsciously aware that we should be respectful while in nature. But most are not sure of how certain actions can cause a ripple effect in natural areas. This is Part 1 of 2, outlining of the Seven Principles of Leave … Continue reading Leave No Trace